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Feeling emotionally drained

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by Holly Hobbie, Jul 6, 2017.

  1. Please pray for me I. have been under so many attacks from Satan and am currently going through something major in my life. While I am seeing a pastor and getting biblically sound advice for these (some serious ) issues. I have also allowed the Holy Spirit to convict me and open up my heart to his will on these matters and God in return has renewed and refined my compassion towards some ladies I am currently in daily contact with that are in simular situations and even some worse than I can ever articulate let alone understand.
    It is and has gotton to the point where I litteraly am finding myself weeping a sorrowful weep for some of these ladies.
    I get so involved that i sometimes forget I am hurting too.
    Satan tries to tell me I am useless to them .....many who are rejecting my faith in God because of their pain and belief that God is at fault for their suffering ...a few are open but can't get beyond self blame.
    I refuse to accept that I am useless as long as I am letting God take control of my situations as well ,but satan has been trying to feast on my mind with thoughts of my own self destruction every time I turn around lately mosty because I am trying to do what God has called and is leading me to do,
    I have a calling to also go back to school and take sign language courses to hopefully one day start ministries working with special needs or deaf people as well. but right now I have some serious healing of my own to do.
    I need to continue in forgiveness and love towards people in my life in spite of the anger I sometimes feel towards them
  2. Praying for you sister. That your relief is now in the hands of Him in which ALL authority is. That in His will you will have the opportunity to rest while continuing to grow in Christ according to His good purpose for your life. In the Holy name and our precious intersessor Jesus Christ it be heard and done. Amen Amen Amen.

    That His light always shine brightly for you and in you!
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  3. praying for you Holly
  4. God is not far from you:

    "You have kept count of my wanderings;
    put my tears in a bottle"

    Psalm 56
  5. Lord please fill HollyHobbie with your spirit till overflowing like the fountain that never runs dry. Help her to comfort those who need comfort with your comfort. Equip her with your Sword and your armour, your shield, everything she needs to withstand the fiery darts the enemy. In Jesus name, amen!
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