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Love Them Like Jesus

Discussion in 'Bible Chat' started by Sue J Love, Mar 20, 2017.

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  1. Today, I heard the phrase in my mind, "Love them like Jesus." So, I am gathering a list of ways in which Jesus showed God's love to people. So, if you would like to contribute your thoughts to that list, I would appreciate your input. This will help me to implement this to my life in perhaps greater ways than before.
  2. My daughter and one of my daughters-in-law gave me their thoughts on this subject:

    K: Give grace, think more of others than ourselves, forgiveness, meaningful touches, acts of kindness, listen to them, help them, encouragement, words of correction in love and when necessary. Sacrifice.

    J: Listen to know what people's true needs are, care more for people's salvation than for our own reputation, pay attention to children, take care of widows and orphans, feed the hungry.
  3. Casting Crowns has a song called "Love them Like Jesus".
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  4. Strypes - Thank you. So, I have a question. The song presents a picture of those who need the love of Jesus, and then it tells us to love them like Jesus, but I don't see where it really tells us how to love them like Jesus, i.e. what kinds of things we should do to show them Jesus' love. What do you believe the message of the song is regarding how to love them like Jesus? Maybe I am missing something.
  5. The answer in the song is "Stay by their side"..
  6. As for how to love like Jesus, that is a very multifaceted question. Jesus said to love God above all and to love each other. When Jesus said to love your neighbor as you love yourself, someone said "who is my neighbor?" and Jesus answered with the Good Samaritan story.

    The expression of love can be small acts of service, grand gestures, encouragement etc but in the Casting Crown's song, I believe it is giving of your time to comfort someone who is hurting and just being there for them in their time of need.
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  7. In the Gospel of John chapter 11. it says that Jesus loved Mary Martha and Lazarus. And Jesus wept. It is my thoughts that Jesus mourned with those who mourn.

    So one way we can love like Jesus is to mourn with those who have lost a loved one.
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  8. @Strypes - Thank you so much for all your input. I appreciate you sharing what you did. The Bible tells us over and over again that we are to love one another with god-like love or to love others as Jesus loved us, but I think it is often overlooked exactly HOW (in what ways) Jesus loved people. So, if we are to love others like Jesus loved us, I believe it is important we understand what that looks like. And, I felt it important to ask the question, because I want to have a greater understanding of Jesus' love myself, so that I can love others more and more like he loves me. So, thank you.
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