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audio Prayer for Others

Discussion in 'Sermons' started by Chad, Feb 15, 2017 at 7:28 PM.

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  1. A great sermon by Charles Stanley. It's important to keep others in prayer, not just family anger friends but leaders, lost souls, neighbors and enemies.

    Believers are commanded to pray for all people—the lost, church leaders, those in authority, the persecutors and persecuted—because nothing is more powerful than prayer, and no one is beyond its reach. When interceding on someone else’s behalf, do you know the most effective way to pray? Learn the six attitudes we must adopt in order to see God move in the lives of those around us.
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  2. I always try to think about others as I pray and include their needs as well as my own, but I also know that my own mind too often forgets important things. So does God who knows all need us to remember everything? No, but this, I believe, is one reason why God gave us "unknown tongues" with which to pray. When I am praying each day as I get into the Spirit, I will always end up praying in "tongues" for then it is God working through me to pray all that needs to be prayed. I may miss something on my own, but when He is allowed to work in us and through us, God will not miss a thing.

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